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When sisters, Kate and Sarah were each preparing for the first babies in 2019, they were shocked by the amount of waste, packaging and one-time use items related to babies. Having both been "cloth babies" they were keen to investigate it for their tots. However, the information available online (and in-person) was often overwhelming, outdated and intimidating.

Cloth Tots main goal is to support parents dipping their toes into the modern-cloth nappy world by providing premium Australian branded modern cloth nappies for rental. Tried and tested by our own tots, we want to help make the transition to cloth nappies a smooth one by dispelling some of the myths about cloth nappies and doing so in a friendly and "low-jargon" way.


Myth One: Cloth Nappies are not as good as disposables

It all depends on the fit. If you fit a disposable nappy incorrectly it's also not likely to hold the "goods". With Cloth tots we provide you with the some of the best brands on the market to trial, plus our handy-fit guide to help you as you get familiar with fit. Plus, if you need some extra help, why not book a personalised fit-service.

Myth Two: Cloth Nappies are difficult to fold and "apply"

Your Mom might have shown you the "kite method" or something similar with a large terry towel. Yep, that's how they did it in the 80's. But modern Cloth Nappies are based on a simple gusset and inner design, exactly how your disposables work. Depending on your brand, the "inner" is either inserted into a pocket, or press-stud into place, and then, just like a disposable, the nappy cover is done up around the legs and waist. Plus, there are even brands that use velcro closures, just like a disposable. Check out our blog to get to know your reusable nappy, or have a look at our nappy packages to find out first hand how easy they are.

Myth Three: Cloth Nappies are time-consuming

This is probably the most cited myth about cloth nappies. The vision of their mothers washing and hanging 50 terry towels and then hand-folding them might still haunt some people. But, just like we're not wearing curlers in our hair overnight, the new modern cloth nappies are far simpler to manage. With our trial packs, you have everything you need to streamline your nappy use and wash, including our personalised washing routine. The washing, drying and packing of our nappies actually take less time then it would take to purchase disposables and empty your nappy bin every night. Check out our blog to see how it stacks up

Myth Four: Laundering cloth nappies means I'll be putting "poop" in my washing machine

Haha. If you've ever had a baby you'd know poo-nami's are part of newborn life. This means you've probably already been washing poop. But, with a personalised washing guide for your machine and powder, you can make sure you're doing it the correct way, and reduce stains and bacteria growth. Plus, guess what, those explosions don't usually happen with cloth nappies.



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Premium Australian Nappies

We've removed the guesswork for you by providing the best Australian brands in our nappy packs. This means you get to try only premium Aussie owned nappies.

Everything you need

We understand that starting your modern cloth nappy journey can be scary, so our kits come with everything you and your tot need to experience the modern cloth nappy way.

Available when and where

Being parents ourselves we're driven by quality and understand how important it is to provide top-notch rentals and real customer service. We’re there for clients whenever they need us. When you need help or guidance on which package to choose or how to use, we're here.

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