• Sarah from Cloth Tots

A lot of people have bad wash routines

Yep, we went there. It appears there are a lot of bad washing routines out there.

Actually, thats not fair, it appears there are a lot of outdated washing routines out there.

Maybe you received a wash routine when you first hired with your newborn? Maybe you just bought a few second hand nappies and googled a routine.

Added night nappies to your routine?

Changed washing machines or detergent and now you aren't sure what to do?

Over time routines can and should be tweaked and altered to pave the way for you to have reliably clean nappies and cloth wipes every time.

Some typical indicators that its time for a new routine might be:

  • A"Froth Out" on your main wash - Think way too many suds

  • Ammonia build up - Strong smell coming from your nappies, even after the wash

  • Staining - Some staining remains even after pre and main wash

So what are some "tweaks" you could be doing?