• Sarah from Cloth Tots

Announcing our new Cloth Tots Value and Premium Pack

So we've got a little announcement...

We’ve tried and tested every one of the modern cloth nappy brands that we offer, that’s why we hand on heart offer premium nappy rentals. But when it comes to getting started (and being a new parent) we are trying to remove any barriers to starting your cloth journey.

That’s why we have now launched our VALUE and PREMIUM packs.

The value pack offers a slightly smaller number of nappies (18) to cover 3 days of nappy wearing (which means you can easily do your main wash on day 2). Our Value pack contains our favourite quality, budget-friendly, Modern Cloth Nappy Australian brands.

Our Premium packs offer 24 of our cult favourite, premium brands, including Eco Naps, Designer Bums, Alcmena and Grovia.

Value Pack