• Kate from Cloth Tots

Cloth Convenience

Using cloth nappies has a reputation for being super inconvenient, time consuming or expensive. While you can certainly invest a lot of time, money or energy into this wonderful world of cloth (there are just so many pretty reusable options out there!), it doesn't have to be that way. We want to talk about the joys of the cloth lifestyle and all the ways it can make your little ones first years so much easier.

Let's start with the cost of cloth. While it can sometimes seem daunting to lay out between $400-$850 for a brand new full time stash, comparing it to the ongoing costs of disposable nappies*, cloth is actually a money saver in the long term.

There is also a wide range of costs for great quality options. Our Value OSFM pack bundles nappies from the lower budget end, while our premium OSFM nappies range mid level to upper ends of the spectrum. Even when spending big on premium brands, you will often find when selling second hand, you can get close to the RRP you bought them for. It pays to buy smart, whichever nappy fits your life. There are many budget conscious options, from buying second hand, purchase cheaper covers and using quality inserts, or buying good value nappies, like those in our value OSFM packs.