• Sarah from Cloth Tots

Disposable vs. reusable. Why it doesn't take any more time.

So you’re looking into Cloth Nappies? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here at Cloth Tots we want to arm all parents with the right knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to their babies.

For me the biggest deterrent to start using modern cloth nappies was my time. Time, you know that thing you used to have pre-baby? When you could lie in bed and scroll through Instagram, take leisurely walks and wash your hair? These days it’s more of a munch on toast, whilst pushing a pram with 6-day greasy hair and ain't nobody got time for anything more.

But, hear me out.

Is disposable really easier?

Modern cloth nappies have been designed for the modern family, aka the time-poor, full-time working, too many take-away for dinners fam-bam. And when it comes to reusables vs. disposables, it really doesn't take that much extra time.

Using your Nappy

With so many brands and styles of cloth-nappies available it's really about finding which one will work for you. The basic modern-cloth nappy consists of a PUL/plastic shell and then an absorbent “layer” which could come in the form of a prefold, an insert or even a press-stud piece, and is fastened using press studs or velcro.

When you find a style that suits you best, putting them on your tot is a breeze. By trialing some of Australia’s best nappy brands from a nappy hire service you can trial and test different styles and versions to work out which ones are best for your fam