• Kate from Cloth Tots

Getting out and about with your newborn

Updated: Feb 13

Baby Lucy in her pram, ready to see the world
Ready for an adventure

Sometimes, especially with your first baby, you get lucky and life can stop for a few weeks, while you are completely immersed in the newborn bubble. Which can leave you feeling desperate to return to some parts of the real world, and perhaps a little overwhelmed about how to make that happen. Other times you haven't had a chance to stop, but are still finding it a little tricky to juggle your newborn, anyone else in the family, and the huge amount of stuff that seems to be necessary for such a tiny person. It seems the smaller they are, the more things you need for them!

So today we have put together some tips for getting your tiny new bundle out the front door with everything you need.

  • A Nappy Bag - this is a huge market. There are a lot of options, but if I'm completely honest, it can be just about anything. Some people prefer the organisation that comes with many pockets and compartments, others prefer to provide their own compartments by using wetbags, tupperware, snap lock bags, and the occasional hair elastic around a change mat. Do what works for you, but my ultimate pro-tip, when your bag is empty, its ideal if it doesn't weigh a tonne, you are going to be putting a lot in there!

  • Snacks - If you have other little ones, I'm sure you have the snack options covered, however let's remember, if you are the parent of a newborn, you are probably pretty sleep deprived, snacks are the energy saviours to push you through those first few weeks of chaos. I remember pocketing the biscuits that came with my tea in the hospital, and had those on standby as emergency cookies. I also love museli bars, protein balls, any kind of lactation cookie for you breastfeeding mummas, bananas or if you prefer, snack sized chocolate bars. Also, don't forget to pack your water bottle. It's so easy to end up dehydrated because you are so focused on your perfect, tiny, person, but water is so important for you, especially those of you who are breastfeeding.