• Sarah from Cloth Tots

Getting to know your reusable nappy

Whether you choose an All-In-One nappy, a pocket nappy, a snap and wipe nappy, a prefold, snappy or velcro fasteners, the basic modern cloth nappy has three main parts to it.

1. PUL/Plastic Shell or Nappy cover

This is the “pretty” part of the nappy and the part that most people obsess with. Why? Because its the only part that shows. This is a water-proof cover which covers the absorbent material. It is made from a soft polyurethane material (mostly). Often the most fun part of choosing your nappies is the gorgeous designs these covers come in across all brands. The cover usually consists of multiple snaps along the front of the nappy. These allow the nappy to cover a range of sizes (“one size fits most”) by adjusting to your tots leg and tummy size and really allow a perfect personalised fit. Then you can also get hybrids which include the snaps for better fit, but a velcro at the top (like a disposable). But basically, this is your pretty cover, keeping everything together (much like a parent).

2. Inserts/Absorbent Layers

This is where we see the most variances. There are a few basic styles including a “pocket” nappy, snap nappy, and a prefold. But basically these are the “goods” in your modern cloth nappy acting as the absorbent layer between your tot and the cover.

  • The pocket nappy - Think of a large “pad” type insert which simply inserted into an envelope liner within the cover. These can sometimes be the easiest to prepare and clean. Plus th