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Getting your Partner on board - A Dad's perspective

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Sometimes one partner can be a bit more "proactive" than another when it comes to cloth nappies, and in my experience, that person was my husband. Sure he loved the idea of cloth, but when it came to the actual logistics, it took a little bit of coaching (read: preaching) to really get him onboard. So to celebrate Father's day this week, I thought we'd interview a few of our favourite Cloth Dads. We've kept it warts and all because we have no doubt that you or your significant other have similar opinions.

1. What's the best thing about Cloth Nappies

Dad One: The best thing about cloth nappies is the cool designs that they come in. As a parent, you can choose a style that suits the day and as your kid gets older they can choose their own styles. Ohh and I guess they are also a lot better for the environment as disposable nappies just go to landfill.

Dad Two: The environmental benefits and the different patterns. Overall they just look better than disposables.

Dad Three: The environmental benefits for sure, plus the cost savings, and I'm not making as many trips out to the garbage, or Coles for that matter.

2. What's the worst thing about using cloth nappies?

Dad Two: The cleanup protocol can be a bit full-on when you start.

Dad One: The surprise poo... Most of the time you know when your kid is going to do a number two and you can get the right nappy on (we still use disposable for sleep and that's generally poo o'clock). But when there is a surprise poo and it's not as neat as possible, cleaning it up can be tough!

Dad Three: Definitely the poo. We have a scraper that we use, plus liners, which helps, but when its a real messy one it can be a bit of a disaster.

3. What's one thing you wish you could be easier?

Dad Three: The Poo scraping. We are right in the middle of teething, so that can really be tough.

Dad One: Keeping on top of the washing of nappies. They can pile up and then you have to go through all of them at once. If you are sometimes lazy there might be a few stinkers at the bottom to deal with. (Interviewer: Remember your pre-wash and you'll be fine 😉)

Dad Two: Assembly after washing. Especially when you can't match the shells and inserts.

4. What's your favourite cloth nappy to use?

Dad One: My favourite is the hippybottomus nappies. They are easy to put on, adapt to size and slimline. I also love our moustache design from Baby Bare.

Dad Two: I haven't got a brand preference but I like the snaps over velcro. Hate the type with the woollen cover (Note. these are night nappies which have a coated woollen cover).

Dad Three: Grovia. The velcro fasteners make for a quick and easy change on our worm of a child.

Thank you Dad's.

And thank you to all our parents out there. Because by even just throwing a few reusable diapers into your kit, you're reducing the 5.6 million disposable nappies being used by Australians each day, and 2,000 million disposable nappies dumped into landfill in Australia each year! (source: 2015; ABC Radio Canberra).

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