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How to use a swim nappy

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Sun's out, Swim nappies on!

Summer is here, the weather is warm, I've pulled my short-shorts out, slapped some fake tan on my pale limbs and ready for the beach and pool!

But what about baby?

Well, have you heard of a swim nappy?

If you're new to the parent world and never been swimming with your tot, let me introduce you to the humble swim nappy. Its role - catch anyway runaway poop. That's right, just the number twos. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, a saturated nappy of any kind is not going to be able to hold any extra liquid (wee). So yes, shudder, the pee does go through. But, thats why chlorine is used, and the ocean is so big.

So, if we think about its role, we start to understand why a well-fitted swim nappy is crucial. The nappy needs to be well fitted around your Tot's legs and waist, to prevent any leakages. And in some cases, such as swim classes, you might be required to wear a swim short over the top.

Well, if you're new to the reusable nappy world, then you've possibly been using a disposable swim nappy to do this job. Which can be an expensive outlay if you're planning on swimming 2-3 times a week over summer, not to mention, disposable (aka additional landfill).

A reusable swim nappy does everything a swim nappy must. Just like any reusable nappy, it’s snaps and rises make for an extremely snug fit on your tot. Additionally, some swim nappies include a double gusset, everything you need to keep leakages at bay. The nappy itself is just a shell, with no absorbency inserts. It's light, easy to dry, and easy to wash. Just throw it into the pre and main wash cycle with your other nappies, or if it isn soiled, wash it with your other swimwear and towels.

What are our top swim nappy recommendations?

And, if you've never been to the pool or beach with your little one in tow, here are our top tips for hitting the water:

  1. If you can, take your pram or a picnic rug or towel If you’re at the beach.

  2. Bring 2 wet bags - one for the nappy off the bum, the second for the wet swimmers/clothes.

  3. If you have a little one (still in a bassinet) lay your reusable change mat, towel (or something waterproof in the pram) (I usually get out and wrap a towel around my little one and put him in the pram to wheel to the shower).

  4. Always bring multiple towels.

  5. Wear something that's easy to put on - for you and your tot.

  6. It’s important to remember that, as swim nappies don’t have absorbent material, you will need to change bub in to them at the pool or beach and then back into a nappy afterwards for the trip home

  7. And, perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to slip slop slap and take some sort of shade to the pool. Our tots skin is so thin and sensitive to the sun in their early years

Happy Swimming!

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