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How to use Reusable nappies at night

If you're anything like me, your babies' sleep and nap times are a sacred thing - not to be messed with. Which is possibly why I was relatively slow to commit to night nappies. Once we got to long overnight sleeps (sometimes even 12-hours) I was terrified that a night nappy wouldn't be able to keep up with our growing tot.

Turns out, I was wrong. We've been using a night nappy for 4 blissful months now, and I'm happy to report it has not affected our sleep at all!

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So how does a night nappy withstand the magical 12-hour sleep? A night nappy, just like all reusables, is made up of multiple absorbent layers, enveloped by a waterproof cover (either a PUL or lanolised woollen cover). The big difference is the number and types of absorbent layers that are used. The most common night nappy includes a fully, absorbent nappy, which wraps around the tot's bot. The absorbent layers are often made from bamboo or hemp, boosted with a pocket, or snap-on insert, providing the ultimate absorbent nappy for those long sleeps.

Once placed on your tot, you slip-on a lanolised woollen cover, or PUL cover over the top of the whole nappy, to ensure no leakages. A woollen, lanolised cover is a great option for night nappies. These pull-over cover (see below) take advantage of wool's natural, breathable, and hypoallergenic properties, cool in summer, and warm in winter, and absorb any excess moisture from the nappy. Plus, one cover can be used multiple times, if not soiled, being aired in between uses.

Come morning and your little tot has awoken from their slumber, you simply change their nappy as you would normally, and make sure to place the nappy in a breathable nappy pail. Just like the dry pail we provide in our packs.

Keen to give night nappies a go? Not sure where to start or what to use? We've collated some of Australia's best night nappies in our new Night Nappy Packs, including brands like, RAWR, BabyBeehinds, SHP and Alcmena. The affordable Night Nappy pack has everything you need for reusable night times. Try it out on its own, or add it on to any of our current nappy packages. We guarantee no sleep interruptions*

*ClotTot's are no baby sleep magicians, but we can guarantee you won't be waking up from leaks overnight.

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