• Sarah from Cloth Tots

How to use Reusable nappies at night

If you're anything like me, your babies' sleep and nap times are a sacred thing - not to be messed with. Which is possibly why I was relatively slow to commit to night nappies. Once we got to long overnight sleeps (sometimes even 12-hours) I was terrified that a night nappy wouldn't be able to keep up with our growing tot.

Turns out, I was wrong. We've been using a night nappy for 4 blissful months now, and I'm happy to report it has not affected our sleep at all!

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So how does a night nappy withstand the magical 12-hour sleep? A night nappy, just like all reusables, is made up of multiple absorbent layers, enveloped by a waterproof cover (either a PUL or lanolised woollen cover). The big difference is the number and types of absorbent layers that are used. The most common night nappy includes a fully, absorbent nappy, which wraps around the tot's bot. The absorbent layers are often made from bamboo or hemp, boosted with a pocket, or snap-on insert, providing the ultimate absorbent nappy for those long sleeps.