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What's in our packs - Liners

One of the most common question we get asked by our customers, what are liners, and how do you use them?

Liners are thin layers which you can put between your tot and the cloth. Although not an essential piece of your day-to-day modern cloth nappy journey, these little guys can be the MVP, particularly when your little one is teething or you're asking someone else (daycare) to look after your little one. They do not provide any absorbency benefit, but can make a"messier" nappy change a bit easier to grab and flick into the toilet

When it comes to nappy liners, there are a few common options, and because our kits are all about trying it ALL out, we supply 3 types of liners with our kits:

  1. Disposable bamboo liners

  2. Reusable micro-fleece liners

  3. Grovia Biosoakers, which are almost an in-between, and perfect for when you're out and about, or away for a night.⁠

So how do you use liners with your Tot?

As mentioned, a nappy liner is (typically) the last layer in your nappy absorbency "stack", lying atop of the inserts/pads to catch any solids. The disposable bamboo liners, are typically thin liners, (think toilet paper consistency) which can be really useful when it comes to daycare, or perhaps during teething periods. Although they often say "flushable" we recommend not, ideally you would flick any solids off into the toilet and then dispose of the liner in your garbage. Our reusable micro-fleece liners, are hand-made (thanks Mom) from high-quality micro-fleece. Similar to the bamboo liners, these lie on-top of the nappy inserts, catching any solids. Once the solids are flicked and flushed, they can be easily washed just as you would any nappy (pre-wash, then main wash).

We also include a small sample pack of Grovia Biosoakers a fantastic hybrid option for when you are out and about for a bit longer than usual, or away from your washing machine for a long period (weekend travels anyone?). It's a little like a compromise between disposable nappies and cloth nappies. Simply lay the BioSoaker in your favourite nappy cover and fasten on baby.

Our packs come with a sample of each of these 3 liners for you to try out. If you find a favourite you can purchase it from our store here.

Have a question about liners and how to use them? Drop as a line below, or reach out to us on email.

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