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Reusable Nappies at Daycare

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

We've just started going to daycare, I'm back to work in the lab again and so I needed someone to take care of my daughter while I play the mad scientist. As part of getting ready to start, we were asked many questions about our day to day activities. How my little one eats, sleeps and plays. They made sure they had a great idea of what home life was like for us to make the transition as easy as possible. Part of this for us is cloth nappies. So I just asked, it's that simple. If you don't ask you won't know, right?

I asked if they would be willing to use cloth nappies for my baby. We are the first at our daycare to do cloth and I was absolutely thrilled that they were willing to integrate us into their procedures. Communicating with the wonderful ladies at daycare meant that we all knew the plan and knew what we needed to succeed. What you need to provide might change from daycare to daycare.

In the case of our daycare, they provided a bucket with a lid to keep used nappies in. I provide the nappies and some wet bags to bring them home in. While the nappies would do better in an airy dry pail, beggars can't be choosers and I make sure that my prewash is 60 min at 60°C to compensate.

I simplified my stash. Due to my research around getting cloth tots nappies lots of variety with quality we can stand behind, my stash has 10 different combinations of nappy brands and styles. It doesn't worry me beyond the fact that on wash day it takes a little bit of extra time to sort all the inserts and shells and then put them all in, and my partner, even after multiple attempts to help, still has no idea of which bit goes where. Starting at daycare I knew I couldn't expect them to learn how to put on so many different kinds of nappies. So I simplified. I picked one nappy that I find easy to wash, fit, and can handle naps as well as play. Then I bought some extra ones. As I have a few nappies I was on a nappy buying hiatus, and then this wonderful opportunity presented itself and I got to go and pick more prints. I was a very happy girl!

I made myself available to demonstrate putting on our nappies. This was key! The carers had questions I could answer, but what made the difference for them was seeing the nappies in the flesh. Until that moment they weren't sure how much work they were in for and you could see them all visibly relax when they realised how easy putting on cloth nappies are now. I think they had visions of nappy pins and kite folds. Thankfully modern cloth nappies are as easy to put on as disposables, with the added bonus of pretty prints to look at.

A quick word about poo. I was fully prepared for my wet bags to come home full of little 'parcels' that would require flicking or scraping. I think having that expectation is fair because daycare workers aren't changing one child's nappy, they are changing quite a few. Also I believe this is what they do with disposables. I found the jackpot in daycares because not only do these amazing women flick poo into the toilet and flush it away for me instead of leaving it for me to deal with, on the really rough teething days they have been known to rinse them for me first which is really above and beyond what is necessary. (Note. I know how lucky I am. Most daycares I know very kindly wrap these parcels up).

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