• Sarah from Cloth Tots

The Not so Happy Side of Pregnancy

This year I joined a club. A club no one wants to be a part of, and yet it has a hefty membership. In fact, 1 in 4 women join this club. A terrifying, and yet somewhat comforting fact, knowing you're not alone.

This month is particularly hard for a lot of women. It's a reminder of deep seeded pain that I know we feel every day. October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day a day aimed at raising awareness of the prevalence of pregnancy loss and infant death. Every year, around 110,000 Australians have a miscarriage. 2,200 more endure the pain of stillbirth, 600 lose their baby in the first 28 days after birth and many more face the grief of termination for medical reasons. October is a time for Australia to break the silence and acknowledge the heartbreak happening too often right now

In our business we get to celebrate a lot of miracles. Our customers are reaching out at the end of their pregnancy, or a few months into their new role as a parent and we are always so happy to hear from them that bub has arrived earth-side and ready for our packs. But, often behind every congratulations is heart-ache. On the surface we celebrate the impending growing family, and their beautiful growing bellies. But often we give little thought to the difficult journey travelled, or possibly the difficult journey ahead.