• Sarah from Cloth Tots

What do I need to start my modern cloth nappy routine

So, you’ve decided you want to use reusable nappies. Now what? The first time you head onto google can be a little overwhelming, “AIO” “OSFM” “Pockets” “Prefolds” its like learning a new language (check out our lingo blog here if your mind is still blown by these acronyms).

There are also so many sites suggesting you need this, that and more, which can also seem a little daunting, and then you’re left here wondering if it really is all too hard.

Never fear, Aunty Sarah is here.

A nappy library (yes, some more lingo) is like a hire service with everything you require for a full time modern cloth nappy routine, including;

  • Nappies - A full time newborn is very different to a full time 3 months or older baby, think the number of changes, size and also absorbency. Our newborn kits use newborn specific nappy brands, to ensure that not only are they absorbent and can do the task, but are also soft against that very newborn skin. A standard “library” for a newborn would include 24 nappies, however at Cloth Tots we know you are doing more changes, so our newborn kit includes 30 nappies to ensure you’re covered. Once your child is approximately 3-4 months they can typically fit into a “OSFM - one-size-fits-most” nappy, and you’re usually (fingers crossed) doing a few less nappy changes. This means a typical library has between 18-24 nappies. At Cloth Tots we ensure you have 24 nappies, which is approximately 3-days worth of nappies, give or take a poo-nami.