• Kate from Cloth Tots

What is a Franken-Nappy? Coping with leaks and heavy wetting.

Frankenstein's monster as a cloth nappy

Sometimes heavy wetters, or heavy wetting periods, can leave you pulling your hair out. Desperate for the day you can change a nappy without changing everything your little one is wearing. If you cannot face another head to toe change, then let's get talking.

Recently my nearly two-year-old started regularly wetting through her nappies at daycare. Her carers were struggling to make it work, so we had a conversation about it.

We discussed improved fit to help with some of the leaks, but ultimately she was just out-wetting her nappies.

So I boosted them. Adding additional absorbency inserts to all the nappies I was using. There was no real rhyme or reason to it, I just grabbed all my odds and ends, or inserts from nappies I'm not using as much at the moment. (Some have been taken out of rotation because their shell is in use for teddy or baby. (see image))