• Sarah from Cloth Tots

Using Cloth Nappies (at night) with Twins

Meet Mel, Mum of Three. One energetic three-year old, and a set of gorgeous twin girls. Mel and I met 2 years back now, in NICU where both of our babies spent a bit of time while they grew strong enough to come home. Mel's been a "day cloth" mum for a while, and wanted to start doing cloth at night too, so she recently hired our night nappy pack.

Given her unique experience, we thought we'd get her to share her experience and pearls of wisdom.

Cloth Tots: Congratulations, I believe you recently celebrated a 2nd birthday.. or 2. How does it feel?

Mel: Thank you, it feels a bit unbelievable, time has flown! Every time we hit a milestone in age or development, we are always reminded of where the girls started and how far they have come. It is quite nice to be entering a phase of the more normal challenges of a 2 year old...well, 2 x 2 year olds (which can be quite interesting/frustrating/hilarious).

Cloth Tots: Were you always keen to do cloth nappies with the twins?

Mel: Yes! I used cloth with my boy (now 3.5 yrs old) from about 3 months old so we were already comfortable with a cloth routine. By the time the girls were big enough for the OSFM nappy we were using, my son was toilet trained so it worked out perfectly! The first few months of the girls in disposables was messy and very expensive!!

Cloth Tots: What were some of your motivations to use cloth?