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When NOT to use Cloth

Here at Cloth Tots, we are firm believers in balance, ease and flexibility, especially when it comes to children. There are definitely parents who are 100% full-time cloth parents, but there are also some of us that like a bit of flexibility, depending on what life might throw at you. And that's why we want to take time to discuss the times when you might NOT want to use cloth on your Tot.

Night Time

Now don't get me wrong, there are some incredible night nappies out there (think the Alcmena 3.5 in our kit) which really do an awesome job. However, there are some families (like mine) that feel like using a disposable overnight can help with the washing routine.

This really is a personal preference, what works best for your family, and, let's be honest, what ensures great sleep. If you're interested in trying a night nappy, we can help you out with adding one to your trial pack.


Ah, the dreaded teething poos. As discussed in our blog what to do with number twos, poo's can be overwhelming especially when they are runny, or when you're little one is dropping one every minute. In my experience, I find cloth nappies can be great for these, they seem to be better at wicking away the moisture from my little one's acidy poos. Additionally, I like to use cloth liners, these are reusable liners that sit on top of the absorbency layer which can be great when flicking the poo off. However, when you're in the height of teething, it can sometimes be easier to throw a disposable into the mix.


This can be a tough one. When you're travelling and away from your infrastructure it can be really hard to manage the pre-wash and the main washes, especially when you now don't know what washing machine you will be using. This is the most common time parents might prefer to use disposable nappies. An alternative can be to use a biosoaker or a compostable liner, which is a great way to take your reusable nappies away with you.

When YOU'RE sick

This one was a new one for me. Over the weekend my WHOLE family got sick, little one, husband, even the cat had a spew. I decided it was best for us to lay low, and that meant no washing (or cooking for that matter). We reverted back to cloth nappies after two days off, and it was the break we needed.

Whether you need a break for yourself or your little one, you decide. Most importantly our mission is to support any parent with cloth nappies. Because if EVERY parent added even a few reusable nappies to their kit, imagine the impact on landfill, the planet and their tot's future.

Are there any other times you prefer to use disposables? Tell us here?

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