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When Should l Start Cloth Nappies?

Updated: Jan 24

This could be a relatively short blog;

Q. When is the best time to start cloth nappies?

A. Whenever you want/are ready.

However, I thought it might be best to run through a few key times parents we work with decide to start cloth, and why they do so.

  1. Newborn stage

This is one of our most popular stages (and packs). You might think this is for "hardcore" parents, but this is one of the most easiest times to transit-

ion. You and you're baby are both building new routines, so this is just one to program in. Plus, newborn poo is so easy to wash, its water soluble, so you don't need to scrape/remove before washing.

Many of our parents start their hire 1-2 weeks in, just to give themselves a week to get home from the hospital and settled.

Given your little one will only be in newborn nappies for 8-9 weeks, hiring makes a great and affordable option. Plus, nothing is cuter than a little newborn cloth nappy.

2. 3-4 Months In

Another great place to start, and the one I chose. After a rough start with a premmie, I needed a bit of time to get out of hospital, and get myself sorted. I chose to start my cloth journey with my 3-4 month old tot (who by that stage had finally hit 4.5kgs). The reason why this is such a great time to start is because you have usually got into the "swing" of things. Your babe is now in "OSFM" One Size Fits Most nappies, which mostly range from 4.5kg - 16kgs, this means your nappy stash will get you right through to toilet-training. Making it very affordable.

Hiring a OSFM pack is another great way to try the various brands and styles out there before committing to any one. Try a range and find which ones suit you and your bub.

3. 6-8 Months In

This is often the time parents are reaching out for nighttime nappies. These are purpose-made nappies, ready to withstand 12+ hours of solid sleep. Most parents have already incorporated some cloth into their routine, but we do have a few parents who find disposables aren't cutting it.

A great place to start is with a night-nappy trial pack, which has 5 of the best night nappies around to try for 4-weeks, before you commit to buy 4-5 to get you through.

4. 12 Months +

Similar to above, this is when we find many parents are feeling "comfortable" with their routines, plus bub has started rolling and moving around. Which can be when disposable nappies stop holding up. You're also going through a lot of nappies now, which might be taking up a lot of bin (and landfill) space.

In my experience, this is when parents are starting to take stock of the impact of their decisions, financial, environmental, social etc. You're out and about and heading to parents groups, which can often be a great opportunity to meet other cloth parents.

So which one are you? If you're ready to make the best switch for your little one, we're here to make it easy for you. Book your trial kit today. 8+ weeks of supported hire, with everything you need to get started.

  • Premium, Modern Cloth Nappies in a combination styles and brands

  • Dry pails, nappy liners, change mat, wet/dry bags, bar of laundry soap

  • Personalised wash routine + 1:1 support throughout the 8 week hire

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