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Why hire from a modern cloth nappy library?

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

My personal collection of nappies is insane, I have 10 different brand/style combinations. 10!!

When I wash and fold my nappies it takes a good amount of time to seperate out which inserts go with which cover and sort it all. But it was necessary for me to find which nappies I wanted to use more of, AND which we should be providing in our packs. Which ones offer great value, beautiful quality or that 'je ne sais qoui'. I’ve tried out so many of the best modern cloth nappies from Australian businesses.

Don't waste your time and money buying loads of different types only to find they aren’t for you. We have created nappy packs that have a variety of options. See which ones work for you at a fraction of the price; and when you are done let us know and we can help you purchase them. All nappy hire packs come with an in store discount to help make buying your own nappy stash a reality. Check out our premium one size fits most pack here!

Are you looking to decrease your environmental foot print? Then a cloth nappy library is a great option, let us provide the research and options to help you decide what you are looking for. We can offer first hand advice about how to buy up second hand, and we even offer a service to deep clean and sanitise second hand nappies for you, so that they are safe and ready to go straight onto your tots bum. You’ll find our sanitise service here.

Want to use cloth right from birth? Newborn nappies are an excellent option for little babies without relying on disposables or having the bulk of a One-Size_Fits-Most (OSFM) nappy on your tiny tot. The problem is that they are only in them for such a small period of time! Don't waste your money on building a newborn stash only to have them out grow them after a couple of months, our newborn pack provides simple, easy to use reusable cloth nappies plus all the odds and ends you need to be successful from day one.

While using cloth nappies can be a wonderful, adorable and eco friendly option, we also know it’s such a small part of a busy parents life. Let us help you get started by demystifying the cleaning process, supporting you achieve the perfect fit, and overcoming any cloth nappy hang ups, freeing you up to enjoy all the other moments that come with parenting.

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