Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit

Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit

The Mini Kit has everything you need to start using reusable wipes with your modern cloth nappies.


What's Included:

  • 25 pack of super soft bamboo wipes (15 x 15 cm)
  • A container (22 x 22.75 x 10.5 cm) to store your wet wipes, ready to use 
  • Small size wet bags for fresh and dirty wipes for out and about travel
  • 10 ml bottle of Essential Oil in either Lavender/Chamomile or Mandarin. This acts as a natural preservative so your wipes can stay moist for 2 - 3 days as well as making your wipes smell amazing!


Why choose reusable wipes?

  • Soft and Natural - cotton or bamboo wipes with 99% water and 1% safe essential oil blend. Cheeky Wipes are great for sensitive skin and eczema and assist in the prevention of nappy rash
  • Hassle free - cloth wipes are much easier to use than disposable wipes and 1 wipe is enough to clean the messiest of nappy changes! 
  • Save time and Money - up to $1500 in the first two years versus disposable wipes
  • Eco-friendly - no landfill and no harsh chemicals

Essential Oil Safety
Cheeky wipes use essential oils, which are a chemical (albeit a natural one) so it is really important that they are produced to rigorous standards and used safely.

Newborn to 6 weeks
NICE (the clinical excellence guidelines followed by midwives) recommend that only water is used to cleanse your baby during the first 6 weeks of their life which is why they recommend cotton wool and water.  

Cheeky Wipes can still be used during this timeframe, using water only in the fresh box but we recommend that only as many as will be used use in a day are soaked (10 at a time for example) keeping the remainder dry. 


6 weeks and above
For every 25 wipes, fill the fresh box to the top liner with water (approx. 500ml) and add 4 or 5 drops of oil.  Swish the oil around in the box to distribute it before adding the wipes. Once the wipes are in, give them a good squeeze together to manually distribute the oil throughout the fresh wipes.

It is possible to have an allergic reaction to any commonly used essential oil. This type of reaction is difficult to predict and rarely occurs but is a possibility. If an allergic reaction is suspected, or your child experiences redness or irritation, switch to using just water on your fresh wipes (again, only soaking as many as you will use in a day).