Cheeky Wipes Fresh Out & About Bag
  • Cheeky Wipes Fresh Out & About Bag

    This small drawstring bag  from Cheeky Wipes,makes it super easy to carry around enough clean, damp reusable wipes.

    • Holds up to 15 mucky baby wipes
    • Convenient, use cloth wipes when your travelling or not at home
    • Water resistant and simply wipes clean after use


    Reusable wipes when you're out and about is easy with the Cheeky Wipes "Fresh Out & About Bag" wipes Bag.

    Size: 24.5cm (l) x 18cm (w)

    Easy to Use

    • Grab a few from your wipes container for the day, and squeeze any excess water. 
    • Place the damp wipes into your Cheeky Wipes "Fresh Bag" and place into your nappy bag.
    • Once you are home again empty the bag and air so its ready for your next adventure.

    Not recommended to be frequently machine washed as this will affect the waterproof lining.